About MagsStyle.com!

Our mission is to provide you with a pleasurable “Shopping Experience“!

I am a retired dentist who worked for a large company as Vice President in the Dental and Medical Department managing a large number of employees.

Two years ago, I decided to retire, slow down and enjoy life. However, having worked 43 years, I found myself needing to do something. That’s when the opportunity came my way to launch my own business, MagsStyle.com.

Our online website provides a unique shopping experience for the busy woman who has very little time to shop for accessories for special occasions.

Maggie S.

  • MagsStyle.com carries a variety of accessories in one place guaranteed to complement your look. Ladies of all ages and styles will have the latest trendy looking cowls and jewellery for them!

    We offer free shipping (US/Canada) and a flexible return policy, with money back guarantee if you not happy or satisfied with your order.